Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Restaurant will be serving Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet from the 12th of July to the 6th August 2013.

Buffet menu are changed daily.

Reservation is strongly recommended.

For reservation, please call
Citis Square : 2340608
Gadong        : 2445043
Sengkurong : 2661893

We will be serving only Sungkai Buffet from 18.00 to 20.00. Only after 20.00, we will be serving orders from our ala-carte menu.

Our Serusop branch and foodcourt outlets will be serving the normal menu throughout the Puasa period.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sungkai Buffet

Our restaurant will be offering Sungkai Buffet from 23rd July to 17th August 2012 at at our Gadong and Sengkurong Branch.

Adult: $12.00
Child: $6.00 (4 to12 years old)
           (3 years and below free of charge)

For Reservation, please call
Gadong: 2445043
Sengkurong: 2661893

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet from the 3rd to the 29th of August 2011

Our Gadong and Sengkurong Branch have Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet from the 3rd to the 30th of August 2011.
For reservation please kindly call: 2445043 for Gadong Branch and 2661893 for Sengkurong Branch

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Nasi Tumpeng is a traditional Indonesian rice dish surrounded with side dish consist of beef, chicken, eggs, vegetables and so on.

People in Java, Bali and Madura usually make Tumpeng to celebrate important event. However, all Indonesians are familiar with Tumpeng. The philosophy of Tumpeng is related to the geographical condition of Indonesia, especially Java as fertile island with numerous mountains and volcanos.

Tumpeng dated back to ancient Indonesian tradition that revered mountains as the abode of ancestors and gods. The cone-shaped rice meant to mimics the holy mountain. The feast served as somekind of thanks giving for the abundance of harvest or any other blessings.

In gratitude ceremony (syukuran or slametan), after the people pray, the top of tumpeng is cut and delivered to the most important person. He or she may be the group leader, the oldest person, or the beloved one. Then, all people in the ceremony enjoy the tumpeng together. With tumpeng, people express the gratitude to God and appreciate togetherness and harmony.

An annual ceremony involving tumpeng is commonly called 'tumpengan'. In many Indonesian cities, such as Yogyakarta, a tradition has been developed, the tumpengan ceremony a night before 17 August, the Indonesian independence day. The event is meant to pray for safety and welfare of the nation.

Because of its festivities and celebrative value, up until now tumpeng sometimes used as Indonesian counterpart of birthday cake.

Nasi Tumpeng is suitable for many occasions: anniversary, birthday, celebration, grand opening, holiday celebration and etc.

Our restaurant accept order of Nasi Tumpeng for all occasions. Please kindly allow minimal 1 day in advance notice when ordering. For further enqury please contact our Gadong Main Branch. Tel: 2445053

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gadong New Menu Promotion

Times pasts really fast, it has been 20 years since we open our 1st branch in Gadong.
In conjunction with our 20th anniversay and the introduction our new menu in Gadong branch and also to thank all our valued customers who has been supporting us throughout the years, 20% discount will be given to all food from our ala carte menu in Gadong branch from 15th March to 14th April, 2011.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All New Food Menu

Our Gadong main branch will be introducing all new set lunch and ala carte menu from March, 2011.
Many new dishes has been added to the menu.
Our famous signature Ayam Goreng Penyet is now available in our Gadong Main Branch.

For the first time in Brunei, we will be intoducing our new signature dish "Iga Penyet Sari Wangi". Iga means ribs in Indonesian. Using Prime Australian beef short ribs, marinated in our special sauce and grill to perfection.